A File is Missing

Your file may be missing because:

  • Your data file is still being processed
  • Your file could be in another data file that is yet to be processed
  • It was not included in the export

When Google Takeout is exported into multiple archive files, your files are not necessarily grouped together. It is usually the case that your metadata will be in one archive and your media files are in another.

As you upload more archive files from your Takeout export, your content will gradually come together like a jigsaw!

However! If you have uploaded all your archives and you are still missing content, it has been noticed that the Google export process sometimes fails to include files. These files are referenced in the metadata, but for reasons that I can only guess at, they are not present in any of the archives.

At this time, I have not found a reasonable explaination for this :( If this is the case, use the Media Detail link to check if the file's original URL still works. If it does, you can import the content to GPTakein with a click

Last updated on 6th August 2020 by Nathan